#MedicMonday with Robert Ball

Tell us about yourself:

34yrs old and still a baby medic myself with much to learn. I was an EMT for 10 years but worked mainly industrial and part-time for a service. When I obtained my Paramedic I went full time on the street (a 911 service). I am a father of 3 absolutely wonderful children. I love helping others.

1)Where are you originally from?

I was born in Edgewood but grew up in Daviess County, KY then moved to Northern KY around 6yrs ago.

2) What are your hobbies, interests, etc?

I love working on cars and learned most of what I know from my grandfather who was a Master tech.

3) How did you become interested/started in EMS?

I became interested in EMS after I started with the Fire service as a volunteer. After making a few major runs I hated not knowing what to do next and became interested in how I could help more in the field. I started out getting my EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) then had the opportunity to take my EMT test. After working as an EMT for awhile the opportunity came up for me to get my Paramedic so I went for it and haven’t looked back since.

4) What brought you to Georgetown?

While doing ride time to get my Paramedic, I rode as a student with GSCEMS and absolutely fell in love with the environment, the people and I knew had to be a part of it.

5) What is your position at GSCEMS?

I am a Paramedic/Preceptor

6) What is your favorite thing about EMS/your job?

Helping people of course but I would also have to add the family/brotherhood that you gain, not just with our service or even our country but across the world. Go anywhere in the world and go to a fire or EMS station, let them know that you work as a first responder and see how welcomed you are. It’s not only a job but, honestly, a way of life.

7) What is one thing currently that you would change about EMS as a whole?

The image that is portrayed about EMS and things like we are just paid to sleep. To be able to enlighten the public about what it all entails to do what it is we do, from writing protocols and having them approved, to the maintenance on the vehicles, to the nights of no sleep, and the time it takes after a call to restock the trucks, writing the reports. There is so much that is not seen that happens after a call is done.

8) What is one place in Scott County that you would take a visitor?

GSCEMS, GFD, SCFD, GPD, SCSO. If I could take a visitor anywhere it would be here to meet my family of first responders because what better way to show absolute love for  their jobs and their city than the ones who help protect and save it.

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