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June 14th, at the Scott County Fiscal Court meeting, we received recognition from Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services & Kentucky EMSC for our work in training, and care for pediatric patients. This year, we were one of 8 agencies in the state to receive this recognition. We were presented with a certificate to display at our station as well as decals for our vehicles. We’re grateful to our staff that commit time to improving themselves, and our community that supports our work!

On January 18th, we held our 2018 award banquet to recognize some of our amazing staff, but more over, to spend an evening together as a large family, with our loved ones and have some laughs. We would like to recognize the following people for their service
Phoenix Award: Katie Tyree, Shane Graves, Pete Nave, Scottie Bennett, Uriah Tindle, Andrew Stratton & Nelson Sewell
EMT of the Year: Shane Graves
Paramedic of the Year: Perry French
110% Award: Candice Biltz
Crew of the Year: Cherity Keath & Natalie Guerra
Making a Difference Award: Jon Oesterman
Peoples Choice Award: Tanya Glass

Today, we’re taking some time out of normal daily operations to celebrate Justin Holmes . Today is Justin’s last day working for us. He’s been a part of this service for the past 20 years. Thank you for the hard work, long hours, and all the time you spent with this family. Justin enjoy retirement!!