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Headquarters (District 3)

Located at:
141 S Broadway Street
Georgetown, KY 40324

Phone Number: 502-863-7841

Truck Numbers (Call Sign): EC3, EC4, EC5, and EC6 (backup truck)

We operate three (3) ambulances out of this station with a fourth backup ambulance here in case it is needed. This station is also where our front office staff, administrative staff, education coordinator, and shift supervisors (Medic 1) are located. This district covers all of downtown Georgetown and the southern part of the county.

Station 1 (District 1)

Located at:
1350 Sadieville Road
Sadieville, KY 40370

Phone Number: 502-857-2462

Truck Number (Call Sign): EC1

We operate one (1) ambulance out of this station. In this district we are housed with Scott County Fire Department Engine 6. This district covers the northern part of the county, along with I-75 from the county line to exit 129 both north and south bound.

Station 2 (District 2)

Located at:
3215 Main Street
Stamping Ground, KY 40379

Phone number: 502-535-0013

Truck Number (Call Sign): EC2

We operate one (1) ambulance out of this station. This station is located next to Stamping Ground Elementary. This district covers all of Stamping ground and the western part of the county.