#MedicMonday featuring Mackenzie Swatsler

Hey there! It’s #MedicMonday again, this week we’re sharing our interview with Mackenzie Swatsler.

A bit about Mackenzie: I was born and raised here in Georgetown, KY. I graduated from Scott County High School and married my high school sweetheart, Cory (he chased me for months before I agreed to a first date). We have 3 beautiful girls, Ellie-12, Swazie-6 and Steelie Jo-10 months. I love everything about Georgetown and Scott County.  We are so proud and blessed to be raising our family in this amazing community.

1)Where are you originally from?

Originally from right here in good ole Georgetown, KY

2) What are your hobbies, interests, etc?

When not at work, more than anything else, I enjoy spending time with my family. I also love to fish, craft, garden and have recently taken up powerlifting with my husband.

3) How did you become interested/started in EMS?

I was already in the medical field as a CNA at Georgetown Community Hospital when I sadly and very unexpectedly lost my mother on Easter morning in 2010. A long time friend and current GSCEMS employee, Jennifer Conley, responded to the call and afterwards began pushing for me to consider a career in EMS, more specifically GSCEMS. 3 months after my mother died I was enrolled in EMT class and shortly after completion of class, hired at GSCEMS….. the rest is history.

4) What brought you to Georgetown?

Being born and raised in Georgetown gives me an advantage of knowing directions/locations in the community, knowing a lot of people here and being a social butterfly doesn’t either (Lord knows I love to talk with people and socialize). GSCEMS had such a high reputation, not only in the community, but also in the state. I get to work for the one of the best services in the state while giving back to and serving my home community. 

5) What is your position at GSCEMS?

I held an EMT position at GSCEMS for 7 years before going back to school and becoming a Paramedic on 3rd platoon

6) What is your favorite thing about EMS/your job?

I have the privilege of serving my community while helping those in need, practicing advanced skills, playing with cool medical toys and being able to get out and about to socialize. I love the anticipation of never knowing what the 24 hour shift will bring my way or what I will be challenged with.

Having the opportunity to gain another family, my first responder family, is also a huge bonus in this career field.

7) What is one thing currently that you would change about EMS as a whole?

Stealing an answer from the ever so wise, Jen Ramey. I would say that I wish others could be educated on what the role of an EMS provider is. We aren’t just “ambulance drivers” we can perform surgical airways, administer life saving meds, perform life saving skills and so many other advanced tasks all while being thrown into chaotic situations with variable environments. We are the calm, comforting and knowledgeable presence to the, at times, chaotic storm.

8) What is one place in Scott County that you would take a visitor?

It’s so hard to pick just one but I would simply take them to Main Street to enjoy the local restaurants, pubs, shops and bakeries.

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