#MedicMonday with Brittany Cobb

We’re stirring up some…. Coffee? Nah… Chili? Nope…  Medic Monday? YES! 

No worries, you can go ahead and sip on that pumpkin spice latte and get to know one of our new medics, Brittany Cobb. We’re pretty stoked to have her as a part of our agency!

I have been working 14 years working in the EMS field. There was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to spend my life helping to improve the lives of others. I found my calling as a paramedic.

1) Where are you originally from?

I grew up in Campton, KY. I moved to Georgetown 6 years ago when I met my husband online. We’ve been happily married since then. 

2) What are your hobbies, interests, etc?

My husband and I work with a rescue group and adopt senior rescue dogs. I am a very proud dog mom. 

3) How did you become interested/get started in EMS?

I always watched the ambulances drive by my parents store when i was a child. I wanted to be in there and see what was happening. I started nursing school and decided that’s not where I wanted to be. I signed up for an EMT class nearly 14 years ago and I know without a doubt this is where my heart belongs. 

4) What brought you to Georgetown?

I am proud to be a paramedic in my community with GSCEMS. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to Georgetown, the place I now call home. 

5) What is your position at GSCEMS?

Paramedic on first platoon 

6) Where did you go to Paramedic/EMT school?

I took an EMT class with Morgan Emergency Training (West Liberty, KY) in 2008 and later completed the paramedic program there in 2010. 

7) What is your favorite thing about EMS/your job?

What I love most is meeting people. I have been fortunate to care for some wonderful people and their families. Many of my patients have changed my life in some way. I hope that I can leave a positive effect on their lives as well. 

8) What is one thing currently that you would change about EMS as a whole?

I would love to see EMS earn the same prestige as our brothers in law enforcement and the fire departments. We undergo extensive training and respond to the same calls, yet we are often forgotten in the public eye. 

9) What is one place in Scott County that you would take a visitor to?

My favorite place in Georgetown is downtown. I am an advocate for locally-owned businesses. The shopping and dining available downtown rivals any big city. I would love to introduce others to the wonders that downtown Georgetown has to offer.

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