#TechTuesday with Audrianna Christopher

It’s #TechTuesday! This week meet Audrianna Christopher!

Born and raised right here in good ole Georgetown, KY. I originally went to school for Athletic Training but wanted to do something more, so I chose EMS. Don’t have a single regret about that decision! Definitely want everyone to check out Galvin’s! Say hey to Stephanie while you’re in there, she’s the best!

Where are you originally from?

Born & Raised here in Georgetown, Ky

What are your hobbies, interests, etc?

I love boxing, taking trips, hanging with my family and friends. Also making YouTube videos.

How did you become interested/get started in EMS?

I was in school previously for Athletic training and was getting burnt out so I took a break but knew I wanted to remain in the medical field, wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to the fire department or EMS but I decided here & have no regrets I absolutely love it.

What brought you to Georgetown?

When I decided to go to school and become an EMT I always said I wanted to work for my hometown if I was ever given the opportunity.

What is your position at GSCEMS?


Where did you go to Paramedic/EMT school?

EMTP-KY in Lexington

What is your favorite thing about EMS/your job?

Definitely helping people in their most vulnerable moments

What is one thing currently that you would change about EMS as a whole?

For people to know the sacrifices we make for this job. We miss out on a lot, SLEEP being one in particular.

What is one place in Scott County that you would take a visitor?

Galvin’s (Stephanie is the best)

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